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Version 2.6 Last Updated 3/21/2014

In 2012, Royal Caribbean International stopped mailing out luggage tags, and instead provided a page in the electronic PDF cruise documents that could be folded, stapled, and taped to create a do-it-yourself luggage tag. This Windows program provides a few useful functions for dealing with the Royal Caribbean PDF luggage tags. This program is certified spyware, adware, and virus-free by softpedia.com. Please feel free to post any issues, questions, or comments in the form below.

This program is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Royal Caribbean International or Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

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Tag Rearranger

Many people, uncomfortable with the durability or hassle of taped and stapled luggage tags began cutting out the tags instead of folding, and either laminating them, sandwiching them in clear packing tape, or inserting them into vinyl bookmark holders or vinyl cruise tag holders from places like Favors By Serendipity or the Cruise Critic Cruise Store. Others would print them on full-sheet ink-jet or laser printer labels.

If the tags are going to be cut out, using an entire piece of paper (or an entire full-sheet label) for each tag seemed like a waste. Therefore, the Tag Rearranger will extract the luggage tags from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Documents PDF and create a new PDF that has four tags on a single page. It also gives you the option of inserting a name into the "Guest Name" area of the tag so that you don't have to write it in by hand.

Tag Labeler

Although the luggage tags include a line for "Guest Name", Royal Caribbean leaves this blank for you to fill in with a pen after printing. The Tag Labeler will insert the name of your choice onto the luggage tag, but leave the tag otherwise untouched and ready for folding, stapling, and taping

PDF Utilities

A few useful tools for manipulating existing PDF files, including adding a 1/4" margin around the edge of a page, converting a 1-page PDF into a 2-page PDF with two identical pages, converting a PDF into an image file, and extracting a single page from a multi-page PDF.


Step 1

If you do not already have your cruise documents or luggage tags in PDF form, download them to your computer.

The cruise documents are different from your SetSail pass, and are usually not available from the Royal Caribbean web site until 40-49 days before your cruise. The first page of the document should say "GUEST TICKET BOOKLET". If it says "SetSail" on the top, you do not have the correct document. If you do not already have your cruise documents, go to https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/edocs/displayBookingSelection.do and enter your information. If you're within 40-49 days of your cruise you should be able to download your Cruise Documents.

The Luggage Tag PDF can be downloaded after completing online check-in at royalcaribbean.com if you're within 40-49 days before your cruise. If you do not already have this document, go to https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/boardingDocuments.do and enter your information on the right of the page to begin. Once you have finished on-line check in, if you're within 40-49 days of your cruise, you should see a ''PRINT PAPER LUGGAGE TAG'' button. Click it to download your luggage tags.

Step 2

Download and run the PDF Luggage Tag Tool installation file from the link above.

This will extract the necessary files to a folder on your computer. To make it easy to find, the installation folder will by default create a folder called "LuggageTags" on your computer's desktop. It is recommended that you place your cruise documents PDF in this folder.

Step 3

When the installation is finished, the program will automatically begin running. Follow the instructions to create your combined luggage tag PDF. To run the program again later, go to the folder you chose in Step 2 and double-click on the "Double-Click HERE to Begin!" shortcut.

System Requirements

The PDF Luggage Tag Tool has only been personally tested on Windows 7, but should work on Windows XP or newer. You will also need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to view the files you create.

User reports indicate that it will work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or newer with the latest version of Parallels Desktop installed.

Version History

1.0: Initial Public Release.

1.1: Replaced all DOS data entry with dialog boxes for PDF Rearranger.

1.2: Replaced all DOS data entry with dialog boxes for PDF Utilities.

1.3: Replaced "Open..." dialog box with "Save As..." dialog box when choosing output file name (thanks Horst!)

1.4: Bug fixes

2.0: Added ability to just add name to tags without rearranging. Misc bug fixes.

2.1: Improved workflow of PDF utilities. Misc bug fixes.

2.2: Removed unnecessary files from installation.

2.3: Changed title to "PDF Luggage Tag Tool"

2.4: Changed default output file names.

2.5: Updated for new luggage tag PDFs and added download buttons.

2.6: Sped up luggage tag generation.

Use Without Installing

If you want to manually extract the program into a folder without using my installation EXE, you can download the ZIP here.


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